Peony Pavilion - The Surprising Dream

During this collaboration we will explore and perform Kunqu's Opera Masterpiece ''The Peony Pavilion / The Surprising Dream''. A new collaboration between dance group ''Groundbreakers'' and ''Suzhou Kunqu Opera house'' and me involved as composer and live performer.

Reviews from 19/09/2019, Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague:

‘’The feelings of modern dance and the ‘’grandfather of hundred plays’’ Kunqu meet each other to create a creative artistic spark’’
‘’The addition of cello melody enriched the expression of the soundtrack’’

Xinhua News Agency, reporter Lin Liping

‘’The cello music of the modern dance group adds a new dimension to the peony pavilion’’
‘’This is the first cross-border cooperation between Kunqu and Modern Dance. The two art forms are different and complement each other allowing the audience to appreciate the classical subtle beauty of Kunqu opera and the tension and personality of modern dance.’’

reporter Yan Yuejia

Concept and Direction:
Fuhai Lu, Cunsong Xu

Choreographer: Cunsong Xu
Production : Roos Hendriks
Artistic advisors :  Karin Post, Andrea Beugger
Cellist (composision, performance) : Antonis Pratsinakis
Singers: Yu Liu, Jiulin Yu, Fangguo Shen
Dancers: Tamara Kšírová, Gijs Hanegraaf
Technic: Niels Runderkamp
Costumes: Magostudio
Final direction: Shaohua Cai, Bei Sun, Thea Beelen
Thanks to:
Performing Arts Fund NL
Fonds Podium Kunsten
China Cultural Center Den Haag
Suzhuo Kunqu opera