Roadrunner Academy 2022

The Roadrunner academy is an annual, one-week event where young and upcoming composers get a chance to write for Roadrunner. 
Workshops and meetings take place on a daily base with the ensemble and the composer in residence. Ideas can be shared with peers, one can try out new ideas and learn more about the instruments and different musical approaches. 

Roadrunner was founded in 2014. The three musicians met with the aim of creating a 'pool', where they could experiment with new ideas, regarding repertoire, arranging, improvising and playing together. Roadrunner is an environment where the musicians challenge each other, question contemporary/old customs and try to find new ways to really connect with the audience. We don't play any specific genre, we like to explore a broad musical spectrum without losing focus.

This concert features the harvest of the third Roadrunner Academy, nine premieres by nine composers from as many countries.

works from : 

Yulin Yan 
Samir Timaujchi
Tianyu Zou
Yakup Hortoglu
Yongbing Dai
Ege Sayar
Joel Frederick Kirk
Kostas Zisimopoulos
Aulon Naci
Nader Adabnejad 

Michel Marang, clarinet

Erica Roozendaal, accordion

Antonis Pratsinakis, cello

Saturday 5 March 2022

Start 19.30 o'clock

Tickets €15.00