My very first solo album ''Cellectric'' written entirely for e-cello and live electronics is now out !!!

Cellectric is the result of 10 tunes composed the recent years. During the rehearsing and performing period of ''The Nonsense Society'' (**** De Volkskrant) a dance-music performance made in Korzo / The Hague and choreographed by Jasper van Luijk where I was involved as composer and live performer, I decided to make a collection of some new and old compositions of mine. It is a journey through light and dark, the ultimate realness of reality, the creation of an atmoshere that expresses emotions and desires that can not be expresed in words. It is my voyage; capturing ephemeral moments of daily life.

About the e-cello and live electronics:
This unique instrument is combined with different amplifications, analogue and electronic sound control pedals and or computers to give the performer evolved sounds by changing tone, timbre, color and the spectrum of sound.
The whole live performance is meant to be reproduced on stage with the use of a foot-midi-controller and a computer. The software used is Ableton-Live. Audio Effect Patches are created by me, augmenting my audio sound canvas.

Antonis Pratsinakis is an accomplished cellist from the Netherlands. For "Blueroom" Pratsinakis approaches the cello composition like a mixing board. Coaxing electronically modulated sounds from just about every crevice of the instrument's hollow body, Pratsinakis's work draws huge synth overtones from manipulated pulls of the bow, electronic percussion and lines that skirt the periphery of experimental electronic composition and post-rock. 
''Tome To The Weather Machine'' 

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