Peony Pavilion - The Surprising Dream

During this collaboration we will explore and perform Kunqu's Opera Masterpiece ''The Peony Pavilion / The Surprising Dream''. A new collaboration between dance group ''Groundbreakers'' and ''Suzhou Kunqu Opera house'' and me involved as composer and live performer.

Concept and Direction:
Fuhai Lu, Cunsong Xu
Choreographer: Cunsong Xu
Production : Roos Hendriks
Artistic advisors :  Karin Post, Andrea Beugger
Cellist (composision, performance) : Antonis Pratsinakis
Singers: Yu Liu, Jiulin Yu, Fangguo Shen
Dancers: Tamara Kšírová, Gijs Hanegraaf
Technic: Niels Runderkamp
Costumes: Magostudio
Final direction: Shaohua Cai, Bei Sun, Thea Beelen
Thanks to:
Performing Arts Fund NL
Fonds Podium Kunsten
China Cultural Center Den Haag
Suzhuo Kunqu opera